About me

I've spent a lot of time finding solutions to problems, as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids who always had to see if I could fix something that wasn't working or was broken. Of course this also meant I had to know how something came apart. I've always been the person that people ask to help with a problem.

I've lived in some big cities and some small towns. The three largest cities I've lived in are Toronto, Orlando and Denver. I guess you can say I've moved around, but I've made the Fargo-Moorhead area my home since 2007.

My career solving problems has spanned three industries: Manufacturing, IT and GIS / Mapping / Location Services.

In manufacturing I worked on multi-million dollar machines. Part of the requirements to becoming a machine mechanic was to take a standardized mechanical aptitude test and score above 60%, I scored 95% or 97%.

In IT I started off as a hardware technician repairing desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, printers and other hardware. In the end I was able to not only repair hardware but also provide OS and software support on multiple operating systems, network administration, systems administration and more. About the only thing I didn't do in the IT world was program - by choice.

In the GIS / Mapping / Location services world I've geocoded on many mapping projects. I improved processes, created processes, and solved many problems. I've written documentation, created and delivered training, created quality criteria, created and performed systems and UAT tests, launched and scaled process, and much more. Working at Navteq / HERE Technologies taught me quite a bit.